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Aerial Photography / Videography — We photograph your business, residence, and properties, and provide lightly edited photos and video (brightness and color balancing) at our flat hourly rate. We've found that most single-property aerial photography missions take 60-90 minutes. Spot retouch, graphic production and video production services are available for custom projects — contact us for details.

Aerial Mapping — We create a high-precision, high-resolution aerial map and provide it to you in KML format, with a super-high resolution JPG. We fly aerial mapping at our flat hourly rate. Most mapping missions take about an hour per 40 acres, depending on your resolution needs.

Scientific sUAS/UAV Missions — Need high-availability UAV support for a scientific project? We'll work with you to integrate your instrument, plan missions, obtain any required FAA approvals, and get data to you ASAP. We can also provide basic in-the-field data processing (e.g., quicklook graphs and charts). Contact us for availability and mission requirements.

Custom Missions — We're always looking for new challenges. Got an idea? Get in touch!

simple hourly rates

Nobody likes hidden costs, which is why we charge a flat hourly rate for most missions.

We charge $175/hr, billed in half-hour increments (1hr minimum), from the time we arrive at your site until we depart. This includes on-site location assessments, flight prep, actual flight time and brief post-mission analysis.

Missions more than an hour from Williamsburg incur travel expenses (see below).


Locals: Locations within an hour of Williamsburg — including most locations on the Virginia and Middle Peninsulas — incur no travel charges.

Almost Local: If your site is between 1 and 3 hours from Williamsburg, we charge $0.75/mile round-trip (we use Google Maps to your address/location to determine distance). This includes Charlottesville, Northern Virginia and most of northeastern North Carolina.

Long Trips: If your location is more than 3 hours from Williamsburg, or the mission requires overnight stays, we'll work out an estimate with you in advance. We generally charge $0.75/mile (or actual travel expenses for flying), plus the current GSA per-diem rate at your site for transportation, lodging, meals and incidental expenses.

banner photo: wormley creek marina, yorktown, va
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